Mission Statement

To provide a quality customer service to the public in accordance with the customer's requirements.

To operate in full compliance with all recognized international and national regulations.

To operate, keeping the safety and protection of all cargo..

To be ready at all times for emergencies and to establish safeguards against all identified risks.

To be recognized as a highly responsible shipping agent, company, aiming to remain at the forefront of all aspects of technology and continuously attempt to improve Safety.

To endeavor to continuously improve customer service and offering the highest level of shipping service.

Vision Statement

We continuously strive to undertake our business activities with absolutely no customer complaints, no harm to customer goods, and no harm to the business.

Our promise


We promise to work hard to understand the needs and priorities of all our customers. We will deliver what they need, when they need it, safely and efficientlyand ontime. We are committed in developing a good relationships.

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With our HQ based in Dominica we cover certain areas in Dominica, while also servicing some part in the USA, including:

Areas We Cover

New York



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